Total Course Points

TotalCoursePoints is a Python API for generating class grades with a Gradescope frontend to allow students to have an updated view of how they are doing in the class.


  • Custom slip time, late time, late penalties, etc
  • Categories for assignments (Exams, Projects, etc) with custom settings for each category
  • Optimal slip time calculation.
  • Fully reprogrammable to allow for additional new course policies
  • Support for different grading options and custom bins.


git clone

Requirements: Python 3.6+.

Getting Started

Clone or add the repo as a submodule to your existing setup. You can then use it as normal.

How to Contribute

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Report Issues

Please report bugs and suggest features via the GitHub Issues.

Before opening an issue, search the tracker for possible duplicates. If you find a duplicate, please add a comment saying that you encountered the problem as well.

Contribute code

Please make sure to read the Contributing Guide before making a pull request.

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